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    • Do you offer group discounts or can I earn a free corset by referring friends?

    • How do I know my size?

    • What is your return and exchange policy?

    • Do you have any coupons? I have a code but its not working?

    • Is it correct you ship out in 24hrs? How does shipping work?

    Do you offer group discounts or can I earn a free corset by referring friends? top

    Yes, we happily work with groups and referrals.  Your group will have a special link (example: and when they click on it, it will automatically let them know you are saving them money, according to what you have setup with us, as well as track that the order originated from you so that you can earn free corset sets!

    Some groups we work with are moms groups, social groups, spa party gals, large cosmetic doctors office, a Mary Kay team, singles group, ladies networking group, plus size empowerment groups, dance and jazz troupes, Hooters teams, professional sports cheer groups, hen party groups, girls night out and many more.  Simply e-mail us from the contact page letting us know what you are looking for and we will get you all situated.

    How do I know my size? top

    You can see our size chart here, as well as how to measure, and a printable tape.

    One note about corsets and curvy corsets (our most popular item!), is that the waist size is the most important size.  Do not underestimate on the measurements, as in almost all cases as long as the waist size is correct, then the rest of the corset fits perfectly!

    TIPS: Please utilize the sizing information given with the item to ensure the best fit. Measure yourself honestly, without "sucking it in" too much, to reduce grief later. Most of these items are meant to be skimpy and/or cling to your body. Body shapes vary, but being realistic about which items look best on you will end up making you happier. 

    Also, keep in mind the type of fabric. Stretch knits, stretch mesh corsets and most fishnets will have a larger degree of stretch than the stretch corset Lycras, stretch satin corsets and stretch velvet corsets. Cotton corsets, Denim corsets, Satin corsets, PVC corset and corset Vinyl, Patent, and Leather corsets, will have little or no stretch. However they are great at reducing the waist, slimming your figure, and flattening out those trouble spots us gals sometimes have.  Stretch Lycras, velvets and mesh fabrics, tend to cling to the body and may reveal panty and bra lines, and those monthly bulges. Heavier weight Lycras and Velvets and darker colored corset fabrics, may be more forgiving than lightweight corsets or light colored corset fabrics.

    We love helping you, so please just ask about sizing info!  Also - not sure what looks best on your body type?  Looking for some tips on how to expose what you want & conceal what you don't, shoot us an e-mail.

    That is what we are here for, we love helping you choose items that you will look and feel absolutely amazing in!  We want you to purchase our items and rock them, so any question you have, even if you want to send a picture to see what we think might look good, we are here to help you with everything! 

    All of our corset information is listed here - Baci & Farfalle Corset Information
    How To Put On Your Corset & TuTu (Read before getting your items!) - How to Wear and Tweek Your Corset Tips & Tricks

    What is your return and exchange policy? top

    Due to State and Federal Regulations and the intimate or one time wear nature of our apparel items, we have very strict guidelines.  It is against health codes to accept returns on panty items, even if you wear an undergarment while trying them on. We apologize, but you wouldn't want to wear an undergarment worn and returned, would you :)

    On the corsets and costumes we will do an EXCHANGE ONLY - these are one time wear items, costume items, formal wear, photo shoot type of items that are 90% of the time worn only once, so please understand that we will do exchanges to help you find the perfect fit, style, or size, but do NOT offer cash refunds.  

    We will gladly make an exchange or provide store credit, but need it returned to us exactly as we sent it, no wear marks, no perfume smell, no pet hair, no stretch marks on the fabric showing you did wear it, smoke smell, etc.  We give you 90 days from date of purchase to return your item for store credit or an exchange. RETURN SLIP


    Non-Returnable Items:

    You may not return an item if it is has been used, washed, damaged, worn, has perfume, wear marks, smoke smell, pet hair, has been specifically noted as FINAL SALE or if the tags are removed.  

    What Reason Can I return an Item:

    You may return an item for any reason!  Your satisfaction is our mission - it could be because you don't like the way it feels, looks, fits, the exact color, or what you needed it for has already passed.  Please understand that due to the intimate nature of the items, and that they are special wear and special occasion items, we do store credit or exchanges only.

    What if the Item I Want to Exchange it for is More Expensive:

    At our discretion, we usually will do an even exchange.  In some cases we are not able to (it sometimes depends on specific designers and if it is a custom made size, or if your item is $8 and you are trying to exchange it for an $80 item) and will invoice you for the remaining amount.  We try to do everything we can to make your transactions as easy as possible!

    Returnable Items:

    You may return new, unworn items within a 90 days of purchase window, for store credit or exchange.  We must receive the item within the 90 day window.
    a.) Using our own discretion, instead of you having to go through the trouble of printing up the return, returning your item, and waiting for the exchange, most of the time we will simply mail you out the new item.  This saves energy and time for both you and us, as these items are of intimate nature and can not be put back out.
    b.) This is limited to two times per customer, per year, to ensure that it is not abused.
    c.) You are free to give the item to a friend, etc. - Our goal is that you always order from us knowing that while we do not do cash returns due to the intimate nature and special occasion and one time use, nature of our products, we will make sure you are pleased!

    Order Errors/Damaged Items/Our Mistakes:

    We will pay the return shipping costs, usually by refund back to your card, if the return is a result of our error or if you received an incorrect or defective item(s).  All of the above details still apply, please read all of the above details so your return will not be rejected. You have 2 days from the day the order was received to report it as being damaged.  We will not accept any error/damaged item(s) after this 2 day period for return. No exceptions. If you notice an item is defective and its been more than 2 days since delivery, we cannot replace the item. If the item is damaged during wear, we cannot replace the item. If you do not notice a damage until you remove the tags and/or wear it, we cannot replace the item.

    Why Do You Only Do Exchanges or Store Credit: We don't like to air dirty undies (lol), but we pride ourselves in being upfront with our amazing customers - We try to keep everything affordable and appreciate that by abiding to these policies we are able to do that.  Almost all of our products are one time wear, special event wear, items used just to take pictures, formal wear, costume wear and bedroom wear.  Unfourtantly many returns are made after the item has been used for one of those reasons and then a return is attempted.  In business since 2007, we noticed a huge influx of this in 2013 to now.  90% of the returns were obviously worn, and in addition we saw a weird trend of customers tagging us or linking to us, or simply mentioning us in a social media post, in order to get a corset coupon code, or win a free corset, wearing the corset out to a club or a special shoot, the same corset they returned.  Also all corsets and lingerie are considered to be of intimate nature and can not be put back on rack.  We appreciate you understanding!  We love our customers and will bend over backwards for you and appreciate you understanding our terms and choosing us to outfit and accent your beautiful self!

    Do you have any coupons? I have a code but its not working? top

    In some cases your coupon may not work because there is a minimum order that is associated with it, it is expired, or the coupon code was entered wrong by the coupon site user, etc.

    I am thankful for our many customers who post the coupons for others to see online, but sometimes they do not think to put the minimum order amount, or they get the total savings offer wrong, or don't put the expiration date.  If you are unsure, please feel free to e-mail us, and if it is a technical mistake we will get you situated right away, or send you another coupon just for asking! We are here for your and to make your corset shopping enjoyable!

    Is it correct you ship out in 24hrs? How does shipping work? top

    For our items that we carry in house  - Our shipping time, as of November 2016, is as soon as 24hrs of your order being made, if in stock, MONDAY-THURSDAY.

    For our specialty items, custom corsets, handmade corsets, some of our 6XL corsets, 7XL corsets, 8XL corsets, 9X corsets, and made to order sizes - there may be a delayed arrival time. We do our best to make sure that we get you your corset specials as soon as possible, however we are unable to promise specifics as the postal services vary so much nowadays.

    2 day express shipping options are available for in stock items at checkout, and we do our very best to meet your needs.  That is why we are here to serve your corset needs!

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