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How to put on, wear, adjust, and get more or less room out of your corset as well as your tutu/skirt

IN MOST CASES - you will NOT be able to take the corset out of the box and put it around you until you follow the below help

Understanding If Your Corset Looks Small -  Keep in mind that unlike regular corset tops from the mall (Hot Topic/Forever 21) for example, these are real laced corsets meant to fit by being pulled while you tuck, move around, and suck your breath in.  It is normal for it to take 30'ish minutes the first time to get into a brand new one.  A corset that looks like it will only fit one side of you, has amazing hold in power when put on!

How To Put Your Corset On The First Time
- The first time you break in your new corset you are going to want to have a friend help you if at all possible.  It IS possible to do it yourself, but will take a wee bit more patience and time.

What you want to do is suck in your breath as much as possible, and while someone is pulling on the strings in the back (which should be almost completely undone when you start) you want to start fastening it up slowly, again while tucking everything in and adjusting it.  At the end, you will be able to breath, but the corset keeps your body in that position :)  The key is that you want to fasten it up in the front from the bottom up, all while sucking in the best you can!  Once you have a portion secured, have the back tightened, then continue up the corset until it is completely fastened. 

It is normal if the first time, while you are securing the clasps, that while you work on a new part, another part comes undone.  Simply finish the part you are working on, then go back and fix the part that came undone.  This is especially true for corsets that have the steel tear drop shaped fastenings.

What To Do If It Almost Fits - You Want Extra Moving Room - You Want To Extend It A Full Size
- Sometimes you may find that your corset fits but is just not comfortable, or it almost fits but you need an extra couple of inches.  In cases like these you can go to Walmart/Hobby Lobby/etc. and get shoe string cord, cord ribbon, or any other string you choose (we have girls who replace it with light chain even for an amazing look) in the new desired length. This is very inexpensive, and not only will it give you an extra 3-4 inches at least, but cord gives extra holding and pulling power as well.

TIP:  If you need a more balanced opening in the back, or if you need the bust or hip area considerably more open, then the other half - then

We have had some customers who are more in the 7X or 8X range, purchase a size 6X corset and take it to a local seamstress/alteration at a dry cleaners and for around $20 they will cut the corset at both sides, add an extra stretchy or sheer panel of material (or lace fabric for a stunning look) to each side and sew back up quickly and cheaply!

What To Do If You Need Extra Bust Support or You Want A More Voluptuous/Extra Cup Size Added Look - Sometimes (especially if you are planning to wear the corset out) you may feel you need extra bust support to make sure the "girls" stay in while dancing, etc.  If this is the case there are a few things you can do.  One is you can wear a thin tank top under it to help give you a tighter feel, or a strapless bra to make up for any extra room on top and at the same time hold everything in.  When you wear a strapless bra under the corset - it provides extra firmness and hold up for the bust for those with a larger chest, and for those that would like more lift, and to appear a cup larger or so - it takes that little bit of extra room in the bust area, and takes the cleavage up to the next level.

Another option - if you want that swelling over the top look,  is to wear one of the flesh colored stick on bras (make sure it is the style that fastens in the middle, not just sticks to each side).  Put them far to each side of the breast and then clasp in the middle.  Then put your corset on, and you will have amazing hold as well as up too 2 more cup sizes!

How To Put On Your TuTu, Make It Larger, Cut It, What To Wear Under, & How To Make It Fuller -

TIP: All of our corset tutu skirts come to us vacuum sealed in a poly bag.  When you first get it, it will look flat and may have a "waxy" sheen to it.  What you want to do is wash it on the cold cycle, then include a dryer sheet (for softening) and dry on the light heat setting (make sure to check it after about 10 minutes at a time).  You will find that it is much for pliable and easier to fluff up!

If you made an order that includes a tutu or lace skirt, please keep in mind that per the description - these are short items unless you chose the 16" version.  What a lot of our customers do, is wear tights, peavey tights (what the hooter girls wear), or leggings with lace at the bottom, under the tutu.  If you find that it is really short, you may want to wear boy shorts or lace "rumba" panties under it.  Also - with the tutu's, you will want to put them on over your head!  These are meant to sit right at your waist.  If you find that your tutu skirt is still a little short for your taste, or you have problems with the fit (its too small), you can cut each side just a bit in order to let it sit lower, or for a really comfy fit, some of our customers cut the tutu in half (down the sides) and then sew it onto a pair of booty shorts! 

If you are cutting the sides, simply cut straight on each side as far as you need in order to pull it down further, your corset will go over the skirt so will hid this.

There are few ways that you can adjust the style of the corset skirt... You can cut the tutu across the bottom to make it any length you would like, it is very easy as it is tulle material.  You can cut the layers in an up and down angle all along the corset to make the layers "layered" shorter at the top, or to make it appear that there are more layers, thus it will double the "poof"!  Another option that is popular with the longer corset skirts, is to cut out the front panel only to make it shorter, while the back stays long, so basically cut out a square in the front. 

TIP:  Always start your trimming SMALL, you can always keep on cutting, but if you cut off more then you would like, then your stuck.

Need more ideas?  Let us know - we can almost always find a way to help you adjust your item!

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