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Our Unique Corset Sizing Chart

              Our sizes are based on true euro corset sizes, so if the corset size is bigger then what your normal size would be, please don't be stressed, it is a unique chart and NOT normal sizing numbers

Your Unique Corset Size

(Corset Sizes are NOT the same as normal store sizes such as Hot Topic, Forever 21, Target, Sears, etc. as these are real lace up corsets).

Chosen by finding your Natural Waist Size in inches

Not the same as your pant size or dress size - please measure  Take off 2"(inches) for best fit - see below for more details on choosing the size for your body type!!


X-Small - Small

22"- 26"


26"- 28"


28"- 30"


30"- 32"


32"- 34"


34"- 36"


36"- 38"


38"  40"


40"- 44"


The sizes listed above go with what your natural waist size is. 

Each corset laces up the back, and has approximately 4 available extra inches. 

If you add longer strings, you can get up to 7" in most cases.

Most customers want to to go with the size that is going to be 2 inches smaller then the size listed for their waist.
If you are apple shaped, and goddess sized, we suggest that for comfort you order the exact size listed for your waist measurement and do not deduct the 2 inches

Here is an Online Tape Measure! (click)

                                     46" up to 50" when let out

Our corsets will fit any body shape provided your bust measurement (at the fullest part) is 4-14" greater than your waist measurement

Above is a measuring tape - You can take a piece of ribbon, string, floss, etc. and measure yourself with it, then use that against the above measure tape on the screen!

On the tutu's and skirts.  These are SHORT & SEXY!  For the Deluxe TuTu's they are trimmable, and longer at 18", however the short tutu's and the mini skirts are short :) Most of our customers wear these out in public, but wear booty shorts, rhumba shorts, or leggings under. 

Questions?  Send us an e-mail - we love helping!



  • WAIST--Measure around your natural waistline at the smallest part.
  • Deduct 2" for the slimmest/tightest fit
  • Know Your Body - If your body shape is more of an apple shape (no matter what your size, you carry your weight solidly in the middle and upper torso) then we suggest you go with the exact size listed for your waist measurement, and do not take off the 2-3 inches.
  • Keep in mind for example - that a lovely lady who only wears a size 8 pant, could have a bit of an apple shaped torso where she carries her weight solidly in the middle, and so after measuring her waist, may need an XL. At the same time, another lovely lady who wears a size 16 pant, but has a pear or hourglass shaped body (weight is in the hip, booty, and thighs) and has a fairly soft and relatively smaller waist and torso area, could also wear an XL!!
  • The Most Important Detail - Is the waist. Your NATURAL waist line. This does not mean under your tummy area, or all the way over your tummy near your bustline. A natural waist line will be the smaller section of your torso above the belly button :)
Corset body type help 


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